Asterogue - a space based sci-fi roguelike

You discover a hollow asteroid filled with procedurally generated mines, facilities, alien creatures, and space-loot.

Asterogue gameplay gif

Asterogue is a space based sci-fi roguelike you can play on your coffeebreak. It's a fast, light, minimal, roguelike that is easy to pick up and put down, with sci fi pixel aesthetics and juicy game-feel. Gameplay is minimalist, being influenced primarily by the original Rogue. There are a handful of different monsters, weapons, and items, and you can finish all 17 levels in 25 minutes if you're really good. I tried to make it as "juicy" as possible with pixel graphics and animations and stuff. Unlike many roguelikes the focus is on minimalist game mechanics with rich graphics, rather than the other way around. The mechanics are inspired by the original Epyx Rogue and also Patient Rogue, of which I am a super-fan.

It's available for Windows and Linux and Android.

Asterogue features